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Changing the way the Medicaid system addresses health inequities

Addressing health inequities by implementing tech-enabled innovations

The Medicaid Innovation Collaborative offers a structured approach for states and health plans to identify and implement tech-enabled solutions that address deep-rooted inequities faced by individuals on Medicaid. 


Through cross state collaboration, in-depth understanding of the issues facing Medicaid enrollees, and technical assistance, state Medicaid programs and managed care plans collaborate to advance  health equity through innovation.

“The possibilities are really endless. Medicaid is an untapped market with regards to tech-enabled solutions, but it is a market ripe for tech-enabled solutions.”

Cynthia Beane

Commissioner for the West Virginia Bureau of Medical Services on the role of tech-enabled innovation in Medicaid


Our Strategy

We believe we can create an environment ripe for innovation and help states and managed care plans meet their health equity goals.

We Center on the Consumer Voice

Connecting with beneficiaries is a core part of our philosophy. MIC engages beneficiaries to understand their biggest challenges and explore how innovation might address these gaps.

We Coordinate across the Ecosystem

Healthcare in the US is fragmented. MIC aligns state Medicaid, health plans, and community representatives on a common equity priority and fosters collaboration to share perspectives, learnings, and goals across stakeholders.

We Enable Action

MIC finds the best-fit solutions for the needs of Medicaid enrollees, connects health plans to those solutions, and guides states on policy levers to enact that promote innovation adoption.

Join Our Community

We’re building a network of leaders from state agencies, health plans, providers, community members, investment firms, entrepreneurs and other changemakers who want to deploy tech-enabled innovations toward their most critical health equity goals.

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