Our Model

We partner with States to deploy innovations and coordinate key stakeholders – such as related agencies, health plans, providers, and technical assistance providers – toward a shared health equity goal. 


We’re acutely focused on working with existing resources within the state and managing cost and bandwidth while identifying and establishing solutions that can deliver the most meaningful impact and efficacy for every dollar invested.

Through this work, we hope to:

Advance Health Equity Goals

Key stakeholders within the state will effectively align on a shared effort, enabling a state Medicaid program’s health equity goals to be achieved at every level

Strategically Deploy Resources

Vetted solutions based on identified problems with clear benchmarks will be able to successfully convert to implementations, ensuring agencies, MCOs and providers are not wasting resources on ineffective solutions

Scale Promising Innovations

Successful implementations can be replicated at scale and decrease the time-to-market for high-impact early-stage interventions

Continue Building Partnerships

Foster and support ongoing collaborations and communities of Medicaid stakeholders