Our Work

Medicaid Innovation Collaborative enables the Medicaid ecosystem to identify and implement private-sector innovations that provide Medicaid beneficiaries with the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential for health and wellbeing. 

States and MCOs cite many barriers to adopting innovation that drives health equity:

Challenges States Face:

Difficult to plan long-term

Limited data visibility

Long timelines

Lack of resources

Limited knowledge sharing 

Challenges Managed Care Organizations Face:

State requirements vary

Limited data visibility

Vendor evaluation is burdensome

Long time to source & onboard vendors

Low member engagement

Connecting the Ecosystem

To accelerate impact, MIC ensures that sourced innovations reflect the real-time priorities of the full Medicaid ecosystem.

MIC brings together these voices to align on the concerns, needs, and preferences of key stakeholders, to adequately frame the problems facing beneficiaries, and to evaluate potential solutions that advance health equity.


State Medicaid Agencies

Health Plans - MCOs

Other State Agencies

Medicaid Beneficiaries



Community-Based Organizations

MIC brings together four key elements to impact states’ health equity goals:

Cross-State Collaboration

MIC members align around a common goal and engage in  peer-to-peer learning and sharing of best practices

Technical Assistance

MIC members receive technical assistance to leverage policies and payment models that encourage innovation adoption and measure the impact

In-Depth Discovery

MIC facilitates comprehensive primary and secondary research to uncover the causes and consequences of health inequities in order to source the best-fit solutions

Solution Identification

MIC members identify and evaluate innovative private-sector solutions to help states and health plans meet their goals

Program Structure

1. Problem Identification

Convene a cohort of Medicaid agencies and select a health equity goal.

2. Primary Research

Conduct interviews and understand the challenges by speaking with beneficiaries.

3. Build Health Plan Partnership

Work with managed care plans to address a health inequity.

4. Benchmarking

Establish clear criteria of success and levers to implement.

5. RFI and Selection Committee

 Identify private-sector innovations with high impact/ROI.

6. Innovation Showcase

Connect the state, health plans, and members with the right solution.

7. Action Planning

Develop strategies to achieve benchmarks.