RFI Closed

Companies and innovators that apply to the Request for Information (RFI) and are selected will have the opportunity to pitch their solution directly to decision makers in the state and managed care plans for potential contract opportunities.

Medicaid Innovation Collaborative invited companies delivering innovative, private-sector solutions in adolescent and maternal behavioral health to be considered partners for state and health plan strategies to advance health equity.

The deadline to respond to the Request for Information was April 19, 2022.

Adolescent Behavioral Health


Increasing access to services and addressing challenges in behavioral health for adolescents and youth crisis support

Maternal Behavioral Health


Improving engagement of mental health and substance use disorder treatment for pregnant and postpartum women 

Universal Solution Characteristics

Where applicable, regardless of Area of Focus, solutions should exhibit:

  1. Inclusivity, accessibility, linguistic and cultural responsiveness, and cultural humility

  2. Awareness and integration of social and environmental factors that impact Medicaid beneficiaries

  3. Understanding of historical and systemic biases that impact Medicaid beneficiaries, resulting in fear, mistrust, and/or care avoidance

  4. Respect for Medicaid beneficiaries’ self determination and the provision of opportunities to authentically incorporate their perspectives into their care

Application Process

Medicaid Innovation Collaborative seeks applications from a diverse range of companies and nonprofits whose current activities can address the parameters indicated in the RFI.


Applicants must have a clear focus and ability to solve a proposed Area of Focus, have experience working with or serving marginalized and/or vulnerable populations and can be located in any state or a qualifying country.


  • The RFI will open on March 22, 2022

  • Companies that offer a solution to an Area of Focus will submit an application on Gust. There is no fee to apply.

  • Applications will be reviewed by MIC and a committee of state, managed care plan, and Medicaid subject matter experts.

  • From the applicants, several companies will be selected to present their solutions directly to the cohort of states and their managed care partners at an Innovation Showcase in May 2022.

  • Following the Showcase, companies may have the opportunity to further engage or meet with managed care plans.