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2023 Application: Social Determinants of Health

The Medicaid Innovation Collaborative was excited to announce our application for the 2023 Innovation Showcase. The application focused on identifying and delivering  innovative solutions to address the health-related social needs of Medicaid beneficiaries. Companies and innovators selected will have the opportunity to discuss their solution directly with decision makers in the state and managed care plans for potential contract opportunities.

The application is now closed.

Applications Are Currently Closed

About the 2023 Social Determinants of Health Focus 

Innovative strategies and solutions are needed to successfully address the health-related social needs of Medicaid beneficiaries. As disparities have remained unchanged over decades, solutions must overcome the social, economic, and environmental disadvantages outlined in the research, with the goal of equitable access and outcomes. 


Addressing social needs is important for improving health and reducing longstanding inequity in health and health care. The participating MIC states prioritized addressing the challenges associated with social determinants of health. Informed by in-depth research with Medicaid beneficiaries, the MIC process aims to identify and showcase innovative solutions that can demonstrate a positive impact in addressing at least one of the social needs outlined in the Areas of Focus below.

Universal Solution Characteristics

Where applicable, regardless of Area of Focus, solutions should exhibit:

  1. Acknowledgement of and solutions that address racial disparities prevalent in health care

  2. Trust-building strategies to combat the shame and worry associated with asking for support

  3. Inclusivity, accessibility, linguistic and cultural responsiveness, and cultural humility 

  4. Understanding of historical and systemic biases that impact Medicaid beneficiaries, resulting in fear, mistrust, and/or care avoidance 

  5. Respect for Medicaid beneficiaries’ self-determination and the provision of opportunities to authentically incorporate their perspectives into their care 

  6. Integration with local organizations to enhance access to existing community-based resources

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