Catalyzing innovation that advances health equity and delivers radical transformation in Medicaid

Our Purpose

The Medicaid Innovation Collaborative partners with state Medicaid programs to identify, implement, and scale innovative solutions that positively impact the health and wellbeing of their Medicaid members.

Enabling Innovation across Medicaid 

We offer end-to-end services, networks, and tools that enable Medicaid programs and their stakeholders to deploy innovation.

We partner with Medicaid programs to support their existing or new collaborations, ensuring State agencies, health plans, and providers are effectively coordinated on any innovation efforts toward health equity goals across diverse populations.

Participants can tailor our offering based on what already exists in their states. Learn more about our model.


Program Overview

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We’re building a community of representatives from State agencies, health plans, provider groups, technical assistance providers, investment firms, and other interested practitioners who want to deploy early-stage innovations toward their most critical health equity goals. State agencies will have the opportunity to collaborate with other states that join the program.

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