Amplifying and accelerating innovation that advances health equity in Medicaid

We are a coalition of states, health plans, providers, community representatives, and organizations committed to identifying and implementing solutions that enable all Medicaid beneficiaries to achieve their optimal health and wellbeing.

Connecting Private-Sector Solutions to Public Health Problems

The Medicaid Innovation Collaborative offers a structured approach for states and health plans to deploy solutions that address deep-rooted inequities in Medicaid. 


In MIC’s novel program model, cohort members receive primary research, technical assistance, support, and other key resources to effectively coordinate and collaborate on health equity innovation.


Program Overview


Having them deliver a curated set of presentations and frame the discussion allowed us the opportunity to compare approaches and even explore collaboration opportunities across one or more solutions.

Jami Snyder, Director

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System 

Our Value

Backed by data and beneficiary voice

 MIC conducts primary research with Medicaid beneficiaries and community members to identify the root causes of disparities and inform solution sourcing. 

Supporting needs of all stakeholders

 MIC supports states in setting a health equity goal, prioritizing policy and data levers to encourage innovation, and aligning health plans to scale impact. 

Access to vetted vendor solutions

MIC identifies and vets innovative private-sector solutions to help states and managed care plans meet new goals.

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We’re building a community of representatives from state agencies, health plans, provider groups, technical assistance providers, investment firms, and other interested practitioners who want to deploy early-stage innovations toward their most critical health equity goals. State agencies will have the opportunity to collaborate with other states that join the coalition.

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