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The Program

Medicaid Innovation Collaborative enables the Medicaid ecosystem to identify and implement private-sector innovations that provide Medicaid beneficiaries with the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential for health and wellbeing. 



Define the health equity problem and align on state, managed care, and community goals and expectations.


Discover the unique context of inequities within a geography or population through conversations with beneficiaries and supporting research.


Source scalable innovations to meet the needs defined through discovery.


Select innovations best suited to meet the needs with input from community, managed care, state, and subject matter representatives.


Connect state, managed care plan, and community representatives to scalable innovations through a showcase event.


Catalyze adoption of innovations by facilitating state and managed care action planning.


Develop relationships with and between stakeholders to foster opportunities for shared learning and support states through technical assistance.

Cohort Members

Medicaid Innovation Collaborative aligns state Medicaid agencies, their managed care plans, and members of the community on a health equity goal and locates private-sector solutions to help meet that goal. 

State Medicaid Agencies:

Many Medicaid programs are eager to tackle issues of health equity, but often find themselves bandwidth- and resource-constrained. 

Managed Care Organizations:

Health plans are working to improve the health care experience of their members but are facing varying state requirements, low member engagement, and burdensome vendor sourcing and evaluation.

Community Stakeholders:

Community leaders are working boots on the ground to fill resource gaps for those in need, but experience challenges with capacity and support as key stakeholders in the Medicaid ecosystem. 

Ecosystem Collaborators

Medicaid Innovation Collaborative aims to elevate the perspectives of key stakeholders within the Medicaid ecosystem, in order to best source and implement impactful solutions to the most complex health inequities.

Medicaid Beneficiaries:

MIC seeks to amplify the voices of those who receive benefits and services but don’t often have the opportunity to provide feedback on their needs and how services can be improved.

Clinicians and Community-Based Organizations:

MIC acknowledges that service providers have a deep knowledge of the systemic issues their clients face and the challenges they encounter in delivering care but don’t often have the forum to share what they see and experience in the field.

Private-Sector Companies:

MIC understands that it can be challenging for vendors to break through the noise to reach decision makers within the state Medicaid agencies and health plans.

Subject Matter Experts:

MIC recognizes that there is vast existing knowledge and experience around health equity and serving Medicaid populations, but that expertise doesn’t always factor into solution identification and implementation at the state level.

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